Saturday, March 19, 2005
Part of harbour tangle

I endorse the cogent points raised by Paul Zimmerman ("Government's job to clean up messy harbourfronts", March 18) in his response to the comments by Deputy Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands Thomas Tso on what he regards as the grand job that the Planning and Lands Development Department has done in producing a world-class harbour environment. A quick look around the harbour should be sufficient for even a blinkered governmental view like the deputy secretary's to switch to realisation that this department has singularly failed in its duty to the people of Hong Kong through its decisions on the use to which the harbour shoreline has been put. It is a failure which will, without a doubt, be repeated as the department will simply refuse to accept that it is a major part of the problem. The department will avoid at all costs taking action to assist in setting up the most obvious solution, which is an autonomous harbour authority with powers to undo mistakes made by itself and to ensure that future development produces a harbour which is accessible to the public.

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