Harbour Views 27 Mar 2007


Why is the P2 road in Central 40 meters wide?

The land reserved for P2 is 40 meter s wide

  1. P2 runs in front of City Hall, only one block north of Connaught Road.
  2. This new road is almost double the width of the 7-lane Connaught Road.
  3. P2 is a surface road in addition to the 6 - lane Central Wanchai Bypass tunnel.
  4. Such a high capacity road will destroy every opportunity of making the Central waterfront a world class experience.

20 meters is sufficient for a 4-lane P2

  1. Government has repeatedly stated that P2 is a dual 2-lane road
  2. The Government's Transport Planning & Design Manual shows that 20 meter is sufficient
  3. Queen's Pier can then stay where it has always been.
  4. Queen's Pier can function as a taxi/mini bus/bus/drop off point.

P2 was originally planned as a much wider road.

Now that Government and transport experts have agreed that 4-lanes are enough, less land is needed for P2.

Using the Highways Department's own specifications, Queen's Pier can be saved in situ without jeopardizing P2.

And by reducing the width of the road, the harbour-front can become a better place for residents and tourists.

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Government map shows that 40 meters is reserved for P2 allowing 8 lanes or more

Only 23 meters is needed for a 4-lane P2 with side walks

A 4-lane P2 can be combined with Queen's Pier in situ

Details from the Transport Planning & Design Manual