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Stop route 7 through Kennedy Town and around Pok Fu Lam

Stop route 7 (now known as route 4) by supporting the representation (number S/H1/15-2) of Designing Hong Kong to the Town Planning Board. You can do so with a simple email to or a letter to the Secretary, Town Planning Board, 15th Floor, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong. Your deadline is 11 February 2008.

For more information go to The Planning Department is amending the Kennedy Town and Mount Davis Outline Zoning Plan but the Transport Department is refusing to let go of the plans to build route 7 (now know as route 4).

Remember route 7? Building this road will mean extending the elevated highway, sterilizing the waterfront in Kennedy Town and then running it through the residential area. Where they want to build it around Pok Fu Lam is everyone's guess. The old plan was to go around the waterfront.

In our representation we ask for route 7 to be deleted from the outline zoning plan so that the waterfront can be properly planned and designed for community use. With the approval for the MTR to build the West and South Island lines, the Transport Department appears just it stubborn old self as public enemy number one: more land for roads, whatever the consequences.

A small but important second amendment is for a small part of the cargo working area to be rezoned for public use - so that we can have a continuous waterfront promenade.

Simple changes, but an important impact on your environment and quality of life.

Your letters and emails expressing support to the Town Planning Board BEFORE 11 February 2008 will help convince the Board to do the right thing.

Stop route 7 through Kennedy Town and around Pok Fu Lam

To read our formal representation, click here.