March 7, 2008
Anson Chan and the Graham Street Market

February 4, 2008
What is the concept for the Central waterfront?

January 31, 2008
Proposal to Save Peel Street and Graham Street Market from Destruction

January 29, 2008
Stop route 7 through Kennedy Town and around Pok Fu Lam

January 29, 2008
Renewal plan kills Graham Street Market

January 28, 2008
Dare to Dream

January 8, 2008
Planners' distorted vision for Hong Kong

January 4, 2008
Our city planning is still a shambles

January 2, 2008
Cut our losses on Disneyland

December 27, 2007
We must keep our hawker heritage alive

December 19, 2007
Rail station in Happy Valley

December 12, 2007
Buildings are no longer a bilateral matter between owners and Government

October 18, 2007
Who owns Hong Kong Island's Waterfront?

October 8, 2007
Billboards blocking harbour views for millions

September 27, 2007
Harbour Masters

September 21, 2007
Hong Kong should diversify its cultural centres

August 16, 2007
New Guidelines for a Sustainable Harbour

August 14, 2007
Michael does it. Ken does it. Can Donald do it?

August 8, 2007
Jury Announced for Central Waterfront Planning and Design Competition

August 2, 2007
How can traffic flow be improved?

July 30, 2007
The Government missed a golden opportunity

July 24, 2007
Central Waterfront Design: 311 competitors

July 19, 2007
Billboards and TV screens in parks are unsightly and inappropriate

July 8, 2007
Lights Out in Sai Kung Country Park

July 6, 2007
Hong Kong's Historic Street Market Under Threat

May 7, 2007
The structure of the rail merger is a threat to the sustainable development of Hong Kong

May 4, 2007
Queen's Pier and the route to harmony

April 19, 2007
Heritage Policy Recommendations

March 27, 2007
Why is the P2 road in Central 40 meters wide?

February 21, 2007
Heritage - All we need is the will to make it happen

February 16, 2007
Asia's Walled City: Questions for Michael Suen

February 5, 2007
HOT SPOT: Police Quarters in Central - Under Immediate Threat (within 48 hours of DT's candidacy announcement)

January 25, 2007
Too much land is allocated for P2

January 23, 2007
Former Government official calls for inquiry into URA and TPB

January 22, 2007
Land policy makes mockery of 'economic freedom'

January 16, 2007
Land disposal policies threaten tomorrow

January 11, 2007
Implement the radical reform of our planning system promised in 1991

September 26, 2006
Urban development out of control: brace yourself for grid lock

August 31, 2006
No support for Bypass plans until proven to be ststainable

August 14, 2006
More Roads are NOT the answer to traffic congestion

August 11, 2006
$73 billion for a quality harbour-front

August 3, 2006
Adjournment of the Hearing for the Rezoning of the KCRC Pier & Adjoining Areas Requested

July 19, 2006
Petition launched to save Star Ferry Pier and clock tower

July 10 , 2006
Donald Tsang's dictatorship of the minority

July 4, 2006
Cruise Terminals in West Kowloon makes more sense!

June 28 , 2006
Is car parking the best use of Tamar?

June 13, 2006
Lung Ying-tai's views on Tamar

May 26, 2006
KCRC Freight Pier Rezoning Request

May 4, 2006
New Plan for Central and Tamar launched

May 2, 2006
Activist stands down from Harbour-front Enhancement Committee

April 25, 2006
What is your plan for Central and Tamar?

April 24, 2006
Monumental Stubborness

April 6, 2006
Tamar needs careful thinking, not strong-arm political ploys

March 2, 2006
Questions for the Financial Secretary

February 23, 2006
88% of Hong Kong wants a green harbour-front

February 6, 2006
Find out what goes on top of the reclamation in Central

January 23, 2006
Hong Kong Public Rejects West Kowloon Cultural District in Opinion Survey

January 16, 2006
Hong Kong versus Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and China

December 14, 2005
New bridges, new vehicles and no answers

December 7, 2005
Yes, Hong Kong needs to upgrade its cruise terminal facilities.
But where should these be located?

December 6, 2005
Cruise Terminal should be in West Kowloon and Tsimshatsui. Not Kai Tak.

November 24, 2005
Hon. Alan Leong Kah-kit calls for 're-engineering' of urban planning in Hong Kong

November 8, 2005
Is the Government selling our harbour-front to the MTR?

November 7, 2005
Tamar is the last opportunity to get it right

October 25, 2005
Open space with waterfront view should be avoided

September 12, 2005
What's the Best Use for Tamar?

September 2, 2005
How many buildings and roads do we add in Central and Wanchai?

August 15, 2005
Christine Loh questions Tamar for Government Offices

August 2, 2005
Stop building a wall around the harbour: Oil Street Rezoning Proposal

July 20, 2005
Hong Kong's Identity Crisis and Heliports

July 12, 2005
HK Harbour as the cultural and business hub of the Delta needs matching transport links

June 23, 2005
HEC members not impressed

June 20, 2005
ExCo decision on HKCEC expansion bypasses HEC

June 2, 2005
Business Community Unites to Promote Sustainable Harbour Development

May 24, 2005
Call to Suspend Oil Street Sale

May 20, 2005
Wanchai Review Meeting Schedule

May 20, 2005
Here is your chance to say what you think about the Central Reclamation

May 13, 2005
How to Lose a Harbour

Mar 23, 2005
And so the debate goes on...

March 3, 2005
Where is Sarah Liao? Where is Michael Suen?

February 2, 2005
West Kownloon - The way forward

January 14, 2005
Expand West Kowloon District to Victoria Harbour District

December 20 , 2004
City Fringe - January 15

November 19, 2004
Cruise Terminal or a Living Harbour

November 5, 2004
Zhuhai Bridge and Air Pollution in Hong Kong

November 3, 2004
Expanding the Convention Centre is not an option

October 26, 2004
West Kowloon and Cyberport

October 6, 2004
Changing the Town Planning Ordinance
Paul Zimmerman

September 28, 2004
Kai Tak - Last chance to remake Victoria Harbour

July 6, 2004
Designing Hong Kong Harbour District
Announces Report on Research Findings
Paul Zimmerman

July 6, 2004 
Announces Report on Research Findings

Paul Zimmerman

June 16, 2004
Pull together to save a cultural icon

June 16, 2004
Sustainable Development of Tsim Sha Tsui - The Other Harbour-front
Paul Zimmerman

June 16, 2004
Pull together to save a cultural icon
Robert Wilson

June 2004
Sustainable Development of Tsim Sha Tsui - The Other Harbour-front
Paul Zimmerman